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Design An Irresistible & Profitable Virtual Event That Helps You Stand Out, Make 5 - 7 Figures & Change The World.


NOVEMBER 15, 2021

Create A Signature Virtual Event Your Audience Will Rave About To Everyone They Know! Influence Thousands of Minds & Hearts Right From Your Living Room!

Touch Lives, Spark Transformation, While Having FUN!

Hi! I am Anna Andrea, an award-winning event planner for Locos X El Rugby Event. Creator of Build Your Own Virtual Stage Summit, and Chatbots for Coaches Summit. Producer of Events since 2009.

 For the past 6 years I have worked with hundreds of coaches and entrepreneurs helping them reach their goals through content marketing, message automation, virtual events, and web design. Over this time I have built a reputation for helping people take out the guesswork of creating events online, design & set up funnels, and all the tech involved to create authentic connections between my clients and their audience. 

The top of my priorities when doing so is for all parties involved to have a memorable and fun experience that transforms clients into raving fans. That creates bonds between speakers and hosts, plus strategic alliances for future events. My biggest mission of this year and the upcoming years is to design and produce better virtual events.

This is why I created this One Day LIVE Virtual Experience, and my 90-day incubator program Irresistible & Profitable Virtual Events. The purpose of these are to take coaches, speakers, authors like you through a process that takes you from idea to producing the virtual event without overwhelm. 

There is no denying that in this precedent times where everything is unstable and we are feeling tension all over the air because they are trying to create even more division. By creating an online experience that creates unity and community we battle those who want to divide us. With Virtual Events we can bring the world together in a more intimate and powerful way. We can use technology to bring people together, to make this change we are all going through better and help heal.

We can help them by creating a safe space with basic or bells and whistles technology but easy access to them at affordable prices. So that you can focus on YOUR zone of genius and be part of the collective healing that is needed at this moment in time.

I made this experience with YOU in mind and you need to come on November 06th, 2021, and join me!

This is WHY I created the Irresistible & Profitable Virtual Events LIVE One Day Online Experience where we plan and design your own stage so that you can make a bigger impact in this world and a nice big paycheck for you. 

I am going to hand you the step-by-step plan, my proven irresistible formula that has helped my clients across the board monetize their virtual events and make an impact with their content to their audiences' lives.  

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Plan your next transformational 🦋 and fun virtual event. Fill up your programs EASY with the ideal person, in ONE day without endless sales calls! Attract your ideal customers by creating transformational experiences online that make an impact even if you aren’t tech-savvy… 😉

Don’t spend hours researching or stressing 😩 about how much work goes into creating a great virtual event. Let me show you everything there is to know about them so you can focus on what really matters – making sure people have a transformation and fun at your next one! 😎

And don’t worry if it sounds like too much work – I’ve got all the tools and workbook ready to go so all you need to do is fill in the blanks. It’s never been easier than this before! 🙌🏻

With my NO FLUFF NO BS Policy. You will get the theory AND the actionable steps! 

I have had the pleasure of using Anna as my event production manager for all of my 3 free online video series/summits over the past 3 years. She managed all aspects of production, including monetizing all three summits. The first one more than paid for all production costs through the sale of the series. The sales for the second series earned more than twice the cost of the series production and I anticipate that the third, which is now in production, will do even better.

This doesn’t even begin to cover the money that I’ve made from the expansion of my business through her support of my events. My second launch brought in over $60,000 in ONE month in client service sales. I could not have reached that number without Anna.

Anna is organized, enthusiastic, a great communicator, reliable, accountable, accessible, responsive, knowledgeable of all aspects and creative! I could never have asked for a better event manager! I didn’t even mention reasonably priced! I know people who pay much more and end up with a sub-standard product, which would not happen with Anna.

Anna is an absolutely fundamental part of my online success! I’m constantly telling her that I don’t know what I would do without her and I mean it.

Helen Hillix, MA, LMFT

Host of the Sacred Sexuality Summits


Your 5 Stages Strategy To Create Profitable Experiences:

Design It

Learn how to plan an amazing virtual event that will give you the host, the attendees and the speakers a transformational experience. We’ll cover the basics of planning a successful virtual event from start to finish.

Build It